The great experience about the hiking on the "Via Alpina"
of Brandon Wilson

(The story of the experience on the "Via Alpina" of one extraordinary trekker that
has to its shoulders, and in the legs, longest trekking for thousands of km)

Profile of the different paths on the Via Alpina
Profile of the different paths on the Via Alpina
and crossed countries

 To Brandon Wilson’s introduction in italian PREMESSA E PRESENTAZIONE DI BRANDON WILSON
     (di Enea Fiorentini)

     (by Enea Fiorentini)

Like already said many times over, I do not know Brandon personally, even if I have seen many photos on its web site, and on the other "forum" wich speak about him.   I have published some Brandon’s photos on my (this) web site, photos than he has kindly sent to me, on many paths of faith of average world, alone or with its wife Cheryl.   I have read with admiration the long list of its experiences on the web site of "Pilgrim's Tales":  http:// , where its last book-guide and the relative book reviews are introduced.
Some day ago (the october, 12nd, 2010), I have received a new message from him, in which he said that he had completed the writing of its last book (the 4th) of trekking and adventures around the world.
This time, it is the story of its experiences, and those of Cheryl that has accompanied Brandon, in the long way on the European "Via Alpina".   A long travel, full load of problems and uneasiness, but also rich of beautifulst experiences and great panoramas, that it has involved the crossing of mountains of all the alpine arc: from Trieste till Montecarlo, for a distance of 1900 km and with overcoming of an unevenness of more than 211,000 meters: equivalent to the climb of 12 Mont Everest, as Brandon says.
Here, I have inserted the link towards two pages that contain a short comment of Brandon on its experience and where is the information to its last book that speaks about the trekking on the Via Alpina, with the title:  "Over the Top & Back Again: Hiking X the Alps"
(in italian: "Oltre la Cresta & Ritorno: Trekking attraverso le Alpi").
I have created a pair of pages, in English with its comment and in Italian with my translation of its text, in order to offer a greater comfort to the Italian readers.
Who wants to keep itself informed on this last enterprise of Brandon, can read the information on the section of its site, at the address: .
To all the visitors of these pages, I say a Good Reading.

Brandon Wilson si riposa durante il trekking
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Brandon Wilson is resting during
the trekking on the Via Alpina
(Photo by B.Wilson)

  Brandon Wilson’s account in english   THE VIA ALPINA
A long trail across the Alps
  Cronaca di Brandon Wilson in italiano   LA VIA ALPINA
Un lungo trekking attraverso le Alpi

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Updated - 22/10/2010