The great experience about the hiking on the "Via Alpina"
of Brandon Wilson

(The story of the experience on the "Via Alpina" of one extraordinary trekker that
has to his shoulders, and in the legs, longest trekking for thousands of km)

Profile of the different paths on the Via Alpina
Profile of the different paths on the Via Alpina
and crossed countries

La Via Alpina
Over the Top & Back Again: Hiking X the Alps
(Oltre la Cresta & ritorno: Trekking attraverso le Alpi)

by Brandon Wilson, © 2010, all rights reserved

Brandon Wilson si riposa durante il trekking sulla Via Alpina (21405 bytes)
Brandon Wilson is resting during
the trekking on the Via Alpina
(All Photos by B.Wilson)


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Updated - 25/10/2010